Advantage of Digital Mixing Console over Analog Mixing Console

With the boom in electronic technology, music industry has become more high-tech and modernize. This can be seen in live concert, Studio Recording, broadcasting and Film production. In these events several new gadgets are used in sound recording. Soundboard is one of the latest inventions in electronic industry that has blessed the music revolution.

It is an electronic device that blends the sound effects with music and gets the people into the groove. It comes with a number of dynamic effects to change the equalisation and balance the signal to get a sound on particular frequency. Nowadays mixing console comes in two variant analog and digital. The mixing feature that digital console provide will never get with analog console also you can connect several device with console. If we compare the advantage of digital console over analog console, we can see that digital mixing console has better precision and high-tech compared to analog console. Digital mixer uses digital transmission for audio signals that will be highly resistant to induced noise.

You can assign multiple functions over a single controller; this makes it easier to control a large number of functions into a relatively small space. While on the other hand analog console does not involve these kinds of option. Another beneficial feature that digital console have additional memory space to store console setting and use when they are needed. This can be tremendous benefit in live concert where instant change required.

Even if some fine tuning is required, the ability to simply recall a complete set of basic parameters that are close to what is needed can dramatically reduce the time and effort required to set up for an event. And if any change is required, it’s easy to revert to the basic settings. Only cost is the single thing that can deters the digital console as compare to analog console.

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